Welcome friends! We’re so happy that you stopped by! We’re your hosts Grace and Heaven. We wanted to create a family friendly podcast about our favorite audio drama Adventures in Odyssey. Our family has been listening to this show for over a decade and we still can’t get enough of it. There used to be a lot of podcasts and blogs about the show, but a lot of them died off over the years. Focus on the Family is still make episodes on a regular basis so we figured “why not start up podcast about it?” We hope that our show would be a bright spot in your week and remind you to have fun! Take a listen to our latest episode below!

S02E06 – All Things Buckles with Robby Bruce + Shona Rodman The Raspberry Ripple Podcast

A long-awaited episode is finally being released. In this episode, we had the chance to have a chat with actors Robby Bruce and Shona Rodman all about their characters and roles in AIO. Plus, some exciting news is accidently revealed, which is something you won't want to miss! 
  1. S02E06 – All Things Buckles with Robby Bruce + Shona Rodman
  2. Interview Trailer
  3. S02E05 RRP + AIOR
  4. S02E04 – Is All that Morrie did Good? Atticus Shaffer Tells All!!!
  5. S02E03 – Life Update + Teach a Man (commentary)

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